Thursday, January 23, 2014

crossing winter 2014

tomorrow is my birthday. today is Richard Dean Anderson's (MacGiver/Col. Jack O'Neill) birthday. Happy Birthday, my fantasy hero!! You are awesome!

as i navigate crossing winter this year, i have been faced with some overwhelming challenges, as i do most winters.  I learn from all of them, but sometimes lessons are hard and hurt a lot. But, then, aren't those the ones we learn the most from?

revelations learned crossing winter so far:
I am a wayfinder (thank you Martha Beck!).
I was created to help heal the world.
My wayfinder superpowers (thank you, Karl Staib) are: puzzle cracking and  imaginivity (to be defined in a future post).
And i am responsible for using them to empower others.

quote of the day that i LOVE:
"Brave Girls stay in the light and make brave choices that keep them out of darkness. Brave Girls get back
up when they have been hurt, and they move forward to help others who have been hurt, too."
(from BraveGirlsClub, Daily Truth, 1/23/14.)

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