Monday, February 13, 2012

winter writing days

The first snow of the year brought with it a howling wind. I love to curl up on a frosty winter morning with my coffee, a purple pen and a notebook and let my creative wild child have all kinds of fun with words. Winter storms and cold weather are some of my best writing motivators. Maybe knowing that days like this are pretty rare releases me from the responsibility of my "normal" routine.  On days like this I think of my very ancient ancestors that found shelter from winter in drafty caves. Snug in my favorite chair, I am deeply grateful for the solid walls of my house that keep me so very warm when it is so very cold, for the soothing warmth of a cup of coffee, for the fact that it is so late in the winter that it will soon be spring!

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H.A.N. said...

Oh I can see what you are saying. We have been having a lot of rain down here in Australia. I had not see the wet days like you are seeing your cold days. A chance to do some-thing different today. I love that. Oh summer will soon be gone too. The sun is already coming in through the windows due to it becoming lower in the sky. I sign that we have past the half way mark. In winter we are thankful for the sun coming in to warm the house, but not in winter. Enjoy you wintery times.