Saturday, September 3, 2011

where have the words gone?

it is a breath-takingly beautiful morning here in the middle of the record-breaking heat of summer.  the sun is just beginning to rise and a cool breeze provides just enough fresh air to keep the birds singing, the cats content, and me parked in a chair on the back porch.  it has been months since i could sit out here in the morning and enjoy my coffee.  it is bliss! so is the coffee!

i've been working on building up my blogging skills and creating more posts, but for a person that always has something to say, when i am faced with the blank white block of the posting screen, all of the sudden my brain dries up. as a lifetime journaler (pen to paper), word-flow has never really been a problem, and while there are times in my life when i just don't feel like 'writing,' at the times when i am driven to write, the words come. until i open up my blog to create a new post. i type a few words, backspace, type a few more, delete the whole line, get a fresh cup of coffee, type a whole sentence, backspace over half of it to correct the spelling of one word, and on it goes until frustration sets in and i decide that maybe today is the day to just work on the layout of the blog or the banner, or i know!...i need more photos, so i get my camera and go off to take pictures only to be side-tracked by the laundry, grocery list, you get the idea.

so, my flying friends, what do you do to keep the words coming and the blog posts flowing?

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