Monday, August 29, 2011

what i learned's OK to play with your blog

Fears. Overwhelm. Yikes-what have i gotten myself into! It is incredibly scary to actually have traffic - i.e. visitors, like real live people - coming to my blog. Since its creation, my blog has been like my secret hideout - no one new about it but me and what I posted on it was for my eyes only.  No risk there, right?

Then I started an online class that challenged me to "go public" with my blog. So I did. And some of my online classmates visited my blog! (Thank you!) And some even left comments! (You are forever my angels!) What a rush! It felt so awesome to have real visitors and real comments. I reveled in the euphoric feelings of accomplishment. Ahhh.

Then, whammie!

fabricBeadsI committed myself to posting more often than a couple of times a year, sat down to create a new post and ...FROZE. What should I say?  What pearls of wisdom or gems of amusement will my 'followers' most love to read? For a person who always has something to say, I had nothing to say.  So I told myself that the 'look' of my blog was boring and needed to be refreshed. After all, taking care of the technical stuff was .... safe.  I could handle the judgement (self) there. So I tweaked this and bolded that and changed a few colors, created a background image.  I wasn't totally satisfied with the end result - my blog needs to be the perfect reflection of my artistic self, right?  But, I was still "involved" with my blog and thinking that the 'look' is a work in progress so it is OK to try out a few things.

However, I still faced a sense of frozen nothingness whenever my eyes roamed past the Create New Post tab. I slept on it, argued with myself about it and prayed about it.  Then, I woke up today hearing the whisper - "it's ok to play with your blog." I sat down, opened the editor and fiddled with the look and layout again.  Hmm.

I went to the online class topic for the day, it was about playing.  The whisper seemed to be more insistent, "It's OK to PLAY with your blog... ALL of it!" (divine intervention?)

....Oh, I get it!  Play with the posts!  Of course!

So I actually clicked the Create New Post tab I go!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

waves of ideas

I am so grateful today for a day free of any obligations or responsibilities which made it possible to spend the whole long lazy morning in my studio with paint up to my elbows creating away!  Those hours will make the coming week feel much more balanced somehow.  

A year or so ago, I came to realize that the daily "fight" to find time to get into the studio and paint/stitch/glue was sucking an incredible amount of joy and energy out of my life.  My corporate day job often felt like a big hole of emptiness right smack in the middle of my creativity.  All day, everyday, in the back of my mind was the mantra "when I get ....... done, then I can get into the studio..." only there was always something else that just had to get done.  

One day, I woke up more than an hour before the alarm went off, wide awake, and the desire to get on up and get into the studio was so strong that I just did it.  And it changed everything!  That hour of creative immersion in the studio before I started my "day" energized me more than a pot of coffee. I was so infused with positive energy that day, that I did the same thing the next day, and then the next and the next.  

Several weeks after this new routine, I realized that I was no longer spending the day swimming upstream manipulating a 'current' of responsibilities trying to get into my studio. Starting my day in the studio, even if it is just for 20 or 30 minutes, takes the "fight" out of the day and has given me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and peace.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am so full of new information and ideas this week that I think my brain is going to explode! It seems like just when I think I have a moment to gather my thoughts and maybe even sit down to create some art, whoosh! - life rushes in and sweeps me off into my day.  What an exciting adventure it all is.  But I am thinking maybe I need to MAKE time for a few quiet moments - like lunch hour by the pond to watch the ducks and birds ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

what i learned today...flying lessons

For the last few days I have been blissfully immersed in Flying Lessons, an online class I am taking that is so phenomenally awesome I have become literally obsessed with it. The focus of the course is building your online artsy business and I find myself using every possible free moment to read the posts and all the comments.  I am wondering how much sleep I can give up to follow up on all the ideas that are taking root and still maintain the appearance of a sane person!  I enrolled in the class hoping to find inspiration and new energy for starting yet another business project, and WOW, have I found inspiration and energy. Now the challenge is to make time for the rest of my life!
Interestingly, as an individual who feel intimately connected to nature and the weather, after a summer of brutal heat and drought, I have noticed that as I have begun to open up and move past fears of inadequacy and vulnerability as an artist, cooling showers and summer thunderstorms have moved into the area, providing both relief and energy.  I just love flying!!!!

Stay tuned, my art will magically find its way to this site soon!