Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ornery children

I have a writer self and an artist self. Both are curious, adventurous, tenacious and passionate. But it is like having two ornery children in my head and soul. They are constantly fighting over who rides shotgun - if I am writing, the artist is jumping up and down and whining “You need to paint and draw. The studio needs you and you need it!”

If I am painting and drawing, the writer is stomping her foot and pouting “ You never spend enough time writing. You are never going to get anything done (i.e. published)!”

And they both constantly yell “you like me better” “No, it’s me that is the passion, the calling!”

Until finally I react “Quiet, both of you!” and treat myself to a milkshake.

I love to write and I love to paint/draw/design. I can’t exist in a realm of sanity without both of them and I have yet to find a balance that keeps all of us contented.

Maybe that is the core of the adventure and the catalyst that keeps me from becoming too complacent, too lazy, as either a writer or an artist. What fun!