Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Edge of the Pool

You know how you stand at the edge of the pool - ready to dive in, yearning for the cool wetness against your skin, eager to glide through the weightlessness, - but you stand there looking at the water, knowing that in the first moments the water is going to be a cold shock to your body, hesitating, arguing with yourself about whether to ease in slowly or just dive in head first?

Such is my quandry about starting a blog (or a book, or a website or a painting).

Should I ease in slowly or just dive in?
What if someone reads it?!
What if someone reads it and JUDGES what they read?!
What if it no one likes it?!
What if everyone likes it and I am launched on a new career?!
What if I get "the most incredible blog-writer-ever" award and have to be recognized for all the world-changing thoughts I have shared?!

Wait - What was it I couldn't wait to share?

Moments ago, there were so many thoughts that just HAD to get out, HAD to be written, had to shared with the entire world. Moments ago I was going to save the world with my wise, witty and thought-provoking prose! My mind has gone blank . . . How can I save the world if I can’t remember what I was going to say! Words have escaped me!

Get real – it’s just a freakin’ blog!

Splash! Water flies everywhere. It's icy cold. It feels fabulous!